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The Corporal Aaron Seal, USMC Rifle Range has a maximum range of 200 yards. Corporal Seal was KIA in Iraq. His Marine unit practiced their excavating skills on this range just before they shipped off to Iraq. The minimum range is 100 yards. Members are required to bring their own targets and target stands. Target stands are available for purchase at the club members' meeting. DO NOT shoot at targets on the ground. DO NOT attach targets or target backers to the range backstops.

ALWAYS keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction - downrange is usually the safest.
ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
ALWAYS keep your gun unloaded until ready to use.
Know your target and what is beyond.
Know how to use the gun safely.
Be sure the gun is safe to operate.
Use only the correct ammunition for your gun.
Shooters and spectators must wear eye and hearing protection while on the range.
Never use alcohol, marijuana, prescription, over-the-counter, other drugs that impair judgement before or while shooting.
Use only paper, foam, cardboard, clay pigeons or steel targets designed for the action shooting sports.
Target stands need to be setup within 3 feet of the backstop.
Shooting is permitted only when all persons are behind the designated shooting line.
If multiple parties would like to use a certain range, each party will yield use every 45 minutes.
Pickup and dispose of any trash that accumulates during your session.
Firing shall cease at dusk or 8:30 P.M. No firing will be permitted before 9:00 A.M.
YOU are responsible for range safety!
YOU are responsible for the actions of your non-member guests!
Targets must be mounted to an approved target stand and ensure the bullet passes through the target and into the backstop.
Any handgun or handgun caliber firearm is allowed on Bays 1 through 5 & 7.
Bays 6 & 8 may be used for short range rifle shooting, sighting in, tactical shotguns and other firearms.
NO AMMUNITION is allowed in the Designated Safe Areas.
This range is for 100 and 200 yard shooting only.
Use benches designated for respective distances only.
Steel Targets are NOT permitted on the Rifle Range (Exceptions require written approval from the Board of Directors).
Shooting at the ground or objects on the ground is prohibited.
Cross lane or diagonal shooting is prohibited.
Any legal rifle, shotgun with slugs and/or rifled barrel, muzzle loader or handgun is permitted.
All persons using the ranges are personally responsible for range safety and where the projectiles they fire go.
DO NOT use the 100 yard burm wooden frame as a target stand!
All shooting is to be into 3-D Targets, Bales and/or Safety Backstops.
Field Tips Only (NO BROAD HEADS)
Do not knock an arrow until ready to shoot.
The area to the west of bay 8 is the trap range.
There is a clay pigeon thrower mounted on a 4x4 post.
This is the ONLY area for trap shooting.
Clay pigeons are the ONLY target for use in the Trap Range.
Shotguns are the ONLY type of firearm to be used in the Trap Range.

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