.22 Benchrest Indoors
What is benchrest shooting?
Benchrest shooting is the pinnacle of accuracy and precision in shooting sports. The object of .22 benchrest shooting is to place 25 shots through the X ring on 25 targets within a fixed time limit, despite the best efforts of wind and human error to the contrary.

How can I compete with all of the pros?
Won't I look stupid?

On any day, anyone can win. Even the seasoned pros have a bad day now and then. Come to a match. You'll find lots of friendly people who will be happy to answer your questions and help you get started. No one laughs at big groups or low scores. We've all been there.


NEW Shooters - Benchrest events are also a great way to improve trigger control and aiming techniques.


BORCC supplies the bench, target and target stand.
You supply the .22 cal. rifle, benchrest, ammo and patience.

Shoots are held every other Wednesday evening at 6:00 PM.
Check the club calendar for the dates.
Event fee - $5.00


Come out and see how good a shot you really are.

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