New Members

To become a Bend of the River Conservation Club Member:

All prospective members must apply IN PERSON at a monthly meeting and complete a Membership Application.

Regular monthly meetings are the third Thursday, 7:30 PM, of every month except November. November is the annual meeting and banquet and is open to current members only.

Prospective members will be granted membership, by vote, at the meeting where they submit their membership application. All new members are required to attend an Orientation & Safety Briefing and pay their annual dues at the conclusion of the General Meeting at which they become a member. You will then receive your Membership/Cardkey.

Click HERE to view the Membership Application. This form can be printed and filled out before submitting at the next General Meeting.

Click HERE to review the Membership Rate Schedule.

Click HERE to review General Club Information & Membership Rules and the Constitution & Bylaws.

Click HERE to review the Range Rules document. This document can be printed for reference while at the range.

Discounts are applied, to renewing memberships, for attending General Membership Meetings.

Members are also recognized for participating in scheduled work parties and providing volunteer services during the year. When you volunteer work time be sure to log your time on the work detail sign-in sheets that are located in the mailbox next to the main door of the clubhouse.

More Information Available:
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