Contact Us
Executive Board
Brian Leonard, President, (269) 695-5732 (club phone number)
David Oosterhouse, Vice President, Webmaster
Terri Sisk, Secretary
Flora Oosterhouse, Assistant Secretary
Mike Klute, Treasurer
Board of Directors
Juan Gonzalez
Larry Hupp, 22 Bench, Membership Committee (269) 684-0974
Norm Klug, Project Coordination, Rifle Range (269) 930-8200
David Kominiak, NRA Education Coordinator (219) 309-3099
Tom McBain, Grounds
Tim Mooney, IT Support
Rick Sisk, Membership Committee
Mike Stanton, Safety Video
Ron Unger
Other Program Leaders
Gary Haines, Archery (269) 695-3610
Jim Leonard, Hunter Education
Adam Lindley, IDPA
Mike Wieger, SASS
Joe Margherone, USPSA (269) 363-0862
Aaron Schuiling, 3 Gun
Tom Summers, 3 Gun
Stacey Weston, 3 Gun
Dave McCoy, Friday Night Shoots (269) 462-1041
Tom Schwenk, Steel Challenge
Mailing Address: PO Box 121, Niles, MI 49120
Club Located at: 900 Mayflower Road, Niles, Michigan 49120
269-695-5732 - answering machine
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